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  • I forgot my username

    Go to the Retrieve Username page.
    Enter the Email address associated with your account, then select Continue. Complete the security challenge if it's offered.
    If you have a domain name, enter any Domain Name associated with your account (for example, coodiv.net) and then select Filter. We'll send a one-time-use PIN to your email address.
    Under 6-digit Code, enter the PIN, then select Verify Code. We’ll show you your username.

  • What is delegate access?

    Delegate access lets Coodiv customers share access to their accounts with other people, but without having to share passwords or other secure information

  • Change my 2-step verification phone number

    To change your 2-step verification phone number, you need to delete the existing number and then add the new one to your account. Even if you changed the phone number on your Coodiv My Profile page, you still need to update the number for 2SV.

  • Remove a delegate user from my account

    As an account owner, you can cancel access for any delegate at any time from your account.

  • Manually renew my products or services

    Manually renew your products at any time, even if they're set to auto-renew.

  • Turn off auto-renew

    Turn off auto-renew and cancel subscriptions for your products. When you cancel renewal for a product, your subscription will end and you won’t be charged on the next billing date. If you change your mind, you can manually renew the product.

  • Change my subscription payment method

    Whether you have auto-renew enabled or you manually renew your products, you can change the designated payment method for your products.

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